An Intern’s Reflection: Hannah

By: Hannah Lemieux

The dark grey theatre nestled into the corner of Lake Air and Bosque has become an eclectic home for me over the past four months. As I reflect over the 200 hours I spent inside the WCT, tears well up inside my eyes because I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing establishment. To the people, the work, and the shows – you have given me a groundbreaking discovery: I love my major. Now, this discovery may not seem like much, but as a college senior, it means everything. I love writing, talking with our phenomenal patrons, taking fun pictures, running social media pages, but most of all, I love community theatre.

To the people: Thank you for the opportunity to work with true experts in the field, for guiding me through ideas, topics, and decisions. The dedication my supervisors use to make Waco Civic Theatre the best it can be has inspired me to work at a job I love with all my heart. Eric Shephard is passionate, encouraging, and ridiculously hard working. With him in charge of this beautiful little theatre, WCT is bringing life to Waco. Phillip Diaz is flexible and caring, taking on two roles in two cities and he STILL managed to treat his interns with respect, love, and genuine care for our improvement in the field. I can’t forget how wonderful our Cathy Hawes is, her loving spirit fills the room as she juggles phone calls, guests, and is in shows as well. I genuinely love the people in this theatre, and hope that anyone who walks through the doors feels that as well.

To you, the reader: Make it a point to see any show. To be a part of the WCT community is a blessing, and will give you hope for the growth of art in Waco. This beloved establishment has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the world, and I genuinely hope it becomes one of yours as well. I may be done with my work this semester, but Waco Civic Theatre has not seen the last of me.


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