Mamma Mia Auditions


March 24th and 25th at 6 pm


Sign up to bring your best to the stage in this riotous musical set to the soundtrack of ABBA's greatest hits.


LOTS of actors needed! This will be a great challenge, and great fun.


Sides will be available for checkout at the theatre.


To sign up for a slot:


Here are the parts that need to be filled and their vocal ranges.


Donna Sheridan                Female                 Lead                      Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Sophie Sheridan               Female                 Lead                      Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano

Tanya Cresham-Leigh     Female                 Supporting          Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Sam Carmichael                Male                      Supporting          Baritone

Harry Bright                        Male                      Supporting          Tenor, Baritone

Bill Austin                            Male                      Supporting          Baritone

Rosie Mulligan                   Female                 Supporting          Alto

Sky                                         Male                      Supporting          Tenor, Baritone

Ali                                           Female                 Featured             Mezzo-Soprano

Lisa                                         Female                 Featured             Mezzo-Soprano

Father Alexandrios          Male                      Featured             Tenor, Baritone, Bass

Eddie                                     Male                      Featured             Tenor, Baritone

Pepper                                 Male                      Featured             Tenor, Baritone

Ensemble                          Male and Female          Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass


Please come prepared with a pop song of your choice with an 8-bar minimum.