from the novel by Jane Austen, adapted by Jon Jory

Emma Woodhouse has just moved on to her newest "project" -- a sweet, but modest girl named Harriet Smith. Having played matchmaker for her long-time nanny, Emma is determined to find Harriet an impressive suitor in spite of her uncertain parentage. But as Emma becomes entangled in the romantic lives of her friends and acquaintances, she unwittingly falls in love with the least likely of bachelors in this lighthearted tale of gossip, matrimony, and misunderstanding. For more info: https://www.playscripts.com/play/2032


Audition Dates: January 26 and 27 at 7pm

Performance Dates: March 27 - April 5

Needed: 7 f, 6 m (10-13 actors possible: 5-7 f, 5-6 m)

To Sign Up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a45aeab28aaf58-emma


Emma Woodhouse The imaginative and self-deceived heroine of the novel. At almost twenty-one years of age, she is handsome, accomplished, and willful, her main duty in life that of being companion and mistress of the house for her widower father.

Henry Woodhouse Emma's elderly father, who basks in routine and Emma's attentions and resists any kind of change, and preoccupies himself with his ailments and inquires after others' health.

George Knightley A well-to-do man of about thirty-seven or thirty-eight, an admirably calm and rational man who for years has befriended and advised Emma.

Miss Anne Taylor For years Emma's devoted governess and friend, who at the beginning of the novel has just married Mr. Weston.

Mr. Weston A neighbor to the Woodhouses, whose son by a former marriage is Frank Churchill.

Philip Elton The rector of Highbury, a twenty-six-year-old clergyman who is very eligible and eager for marriage.

Frank Churchill Mr. Weston's son, who has never visited Highbury but who has a reputation for polished charm and manners.

Miss Bates The kindly old maid talker who, at least in her dialogue, runs the details of everything together as of equal importance.

Jane Fairfax Miss Bates' orphan niece, elegant and accomplished, who has visited her aunt in Highbury before but not for two years now.

Harriet Smith The illegitimate, seventeen-year-old girl whom Emma befriends and tries to marry off to Mr. Elton.

Robert Martin A respected young farmer who wants to marry Harriet Smith.

Augusta Hawkins Elton A vain and talkative young lady whom Mr. Elton meets on a trip to Bath and to whom he quickly gets himself married.


Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Scripts are available for checkout at the theatre; the sides for auditions will be available the week before auditions.