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Hank Williams: Lost Highway Auditions



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Show dates: January 23 – Feb 2, 2020

Please prepare a 1-minute cut of a song in the style of the show and provide and instrumental track (this can be on your phone, speaker provided). You may also be asked to vocalize in your audition! 


Those interested in the role of Hank Williams should be prepared to play a guitar if they possess that skill.


Acting auditions will consist of reading scene sides and improvisation.


Hank Williams: Lost Highway


HANK WILLIAMS - A south Alabama hillbilly singer, thin.  Baritone/Tenor with ability to yodel. Ability to play a guitar preferred. Age 20-39


TEE-TOT - A black south Alabama street singer with a soaring blues/gospel voice; Hank's mentor. Bass or Baritone. Age 45-60


THE WAITRESS - The keeper of an all-night diner somewhere in the south. A cheerful, lonely person. Non-singing. Age 20-39


MAMA LILLY - Hank's mother.  A "Marjorie Main" - strong and somewhat overbearing. Alto/Low Soprano,does not need to sing well. Age 45-59


HOSS - A member of Hank's band, The Drifting Cowboys. Plays upright ("doghouse") bass.Baritone/Bass. Age 20-39


JMMY (BURRHEAD) - A member of Hank's band, plays lead electric guitar. From Oklahoma, especially so in his speech. Tenor. Age 20-39


LEON (LOUDMOUTH) - Band member and a skillful on many instruments, featured on the fiddle.  Pleasant and taciturn. Baritone/Tenor. Age 20-49


FRED ROSE (PAP) - A founder and executive of Nashville music publishing company. A Midwesterner from Chicago. Non-singing. Age 40-59


AUDREY WILLIAMS - Hank's first wife, later his professional widow. A blond Alabama beauty, sweet, exuberant and sure. Alto/Low Soprano, does not need to sing well. Age 20-39


SHAG - The pedal steel guitarist. Tenor/Baritone. Age 18-64.