Storybook Waco Variety Show


This Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be holding virtual auditions for the Storybook Waco Musical Review!


This musical features an array of characters from beloved fairy tales and classics.

Actors/Singers: please prepare to audition in the style of the character you would like to portray!


Sign up to Audition with the following form: 


During your audition, please sing one of the songs listed in the character descriptions below.

Please also prepare to sing any 8-12 bars of You've Got A Friend in Me (from toy story) in the style of a character listed below

*To prepare, you are encouraged to watch any of the films containing these characters. Practice emulating mannerisms, tone of voice, etc 

*You may sing acapella, accompany yourself on an instrument, or sing along with a karaoke track. We just need to be able to hear your character voice!

*The zoom link for auditions will be sent via email. You must be on video for this audition.  Please log in to the zoom call at your audition time. You will be placed in the waiting room. You may be waiting for a few minutes before your audition begins, so please be prepared to go when we admit you!


All ethnicities and body types will be considered for characters



The host. A young, well mannered English girl. Innocent; full of vibrant imagination and bright ideas. Rambles a lot. Loves fiction and is caught up in her daydreams

Alice interacts with every character, sometimes dancing, singing, or talking with them



Any gender. Alice’s stuffy, monotone English tutor. Snippy, a bit condescending, but with Alice’s best interest at heart. (Could be cast in an additional role/does not sing) 



Early 20’s feminine look, Mezzo-Soprano. Vibrant and full of hope and excitement. Tends to ramble and talk excitedly about things. Sings First Time in Forever. Must be able to sing clips of Do you Want to Build a Snowman and Show Yourself, acapella. Sings backup in Into the Unknown



Early 20’s feminine look, Mezzo. Hope’s for adventure and a life apart from the norm. 

Sings Belle Reprise, having just been proposed to by Gaston. 



Handsome, masculine Baritone. Muscle-bound and extremely conceited (faux muscles a comedic plus). Excellent comic timing. Sings Gaston.



Any gender or size; younger than 25, Goofy sidekick to Gaston. Sings Gaston and interacts with the audience. High energy and lots of movement



25+ Feminine soprano. British nanny with a consistent standard accent. Restrained, but with a secret fun side. Sings Spoonful of Sugar and Feed the Birds



30+ feminine Alto. Transforms into the Fairy Godmother with a flip of her cloak. Sings Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. A little scatter brained but very lovable. Sleight of hand magic a plus/willing to learn one or two magic tricks a plus



20’s, iconic feminine, Soprano. Kind, considerate, full of hope and gratitude, even through hurt. Sings A Dream is a Wish



Late teens, early 20’s look, pop sounding soprano. Adventurous, energetic, optimistic, crafty, theatrical, dreamer

Sings When Will My Life Begin. Interacts with Mother Gothel during Mother Knows Best



30s+ feminine Brassy Mezzo-Belt. Overactor; very dramatic. Selfish and self absorbed. Obsessed with protecting what’s precious to her. Smiley then deadly serious in an instant. Villain. Sings Mother Knows Best



20’s look. Feminine Mezzo Belt. Graceful, Powerful broadway style voice. Sings Let it Go and Into the Unknown. Finale of show


The blocking gives six feet of distance or more between actors on stage, at all times. During the performance, only 1, 2 or 3 performers will be on the stage at once. If there is a character you are prepared to portray that is not listed, you are welcome to audition as that character. We may be able to accommodate you!


Auditions will be held via zoom on Tuesday July 14th and Wednesday July 15th.

If your schedule will not allow you to attend auditions Tue or Wed, please email: to arrange another time as soon as possible!