• Cool Christmas Chorales

    By: Megan McCasland and Hannah Lemieux In celebration of the Christmas season, Hannah and I put together a playlist of Christmas-themed musical theatre music! What are some of your favorites from this list?

    by Eric Shephard
  • An Intern’s Reflection: Hannah

    By: Hannah Lemieux The dark grey theatre nestled into the corner of Lake Air and Bosque has become an eclectic home for me over the past four months. As I reflect over the 200 hours I spent inside the […]

    by Eric Shephard
  • The Importance of Arts Education

    By: Megan McCasland The arts are a universal language. People have used music, art, and theatre to communicate with each other for hundreds of years. It is vital, perhaps now more than ever, that we support and increase arts […]

    by Eric Shephard
  • An Intern’s Reflection: Megan

    By: Megan McCasland In high school, I desperately wanted to go to college for theatre. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life. After my college auditions came were met with rejection letters, I decided […]

  • Hannah’s Harmonious Hits

    By: Hannah Lemieux Hey everybody! These songs are not just the Broadway hits that everyone loves – each song holds a significant meaning to me and the direction that life has taken me. This selection led me to Waco […]

    by Eric Shephard
  • Baskerville Audience Guide

    By: Megan McCasland Baskerville opens two weeks from today! Everyone has been working really hard, and we can’t wait for you to see it! To get us in the mood to fight crime one case at a time, I […]

    by Eric Shephard
  • Megan’s Musical Melodies

    It’s no surprise that I love musical theatre; I am an intern at Waco Civic Theatre, after all. But what kind of music does a college student listen to? Take a listen to this playlist of just a few songs (okay, […]

  • To Film or Not to Film

    By: Megan McCasland Whether or not live theatre should be filmed has been the topic of many discussions in the theatre industry. These conversations have often turned into spirited debates, as everyone has strong opinions on the subject. Personally, […]

  • 7 Secrets Every Rocky Horror Picture Show Watcher Must Know

    By: Hannah Lemieux Hot patootie, bless my soul! The biggest mind flip of the year is finally upon us: Waco Civic Theatre’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Shadow Cast will grace the Waco Hippodrome’s stage in just one day! For […]

    by Eric Shephard
  • Celebrities and Adaptations and Revivals, Oh My!

    The New Direction of Theatre By: Megan McCasland If you’ve kept up with what shows are currently on or heading to Broadway, you’ll notice that a lot of them are a retelling of other popular works. In fact, 14 […]

    by Eric Shephard