I would like to give my time to help the Waco Civic Theatre. How do I get involved?

Your time is most appreciated at the Waco Civic Theatre. The possibilities are endless. You can help in the pre-production process for any of our shows or work during the show itself. We can put you on a mailing list to receive e-mail notices from the theatre when we do clean-up or organizational days. You can usher the night of a performance and see the show for free. There is much more you can do and we appreciate your ideas on ways you or others can pitch in. Call or e-mail the office with your interests and we will make sure that you are referred to the appropriate person. Also, we’d like to encourage you to come to our annual meeting and visit with our Board and subscribers.


Do you pay the members of your cast and crew?

Actors, Assistant Stage Managers, and other members of our crew at the Waco Civic Theatre are volunteers and are not paid (except in the applause and accolades of our patrons). We do offer a small monetary stipend to some members of the production staff and orchestra members. Because we are a non-profit community theatre, payment is limited and in no way equals the amount of time, energy, and expertise offered by the many extraordinarily talented people who work to make each production a success.


If you have other questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the office at (254) 776-1591.