Hannah’s Harmonious Hits

By: Hannah Lemieux

Hey everybody! These songs are not just the Broadway hits that everyone loves – each song holds a significant meaning to me and the direction that life has taken me. This selection led me to Waco Civic Theatre, and I hope that you can enjoy the songs as much as I have over the years. I now present to you: Hannah’s Harmonious Hits!


What You Want – Legally Blonde the Musical

This was my first role as a supporting character in a musical, and I’ll never forget the insurmountable joy I felt as I belted “what you want, sweetheart, is no easy thing.” This song is full of longing and hope, a definite go-to song to sing whenever you feel like life has you down.

Mr. Mistoffelees – Cats

My parents introduced me to the world of musicals through a “Broadway Top Hits” CD that we would listen to in the car. Mr. Mistoffelees was the first song I bought on my iPod. Today it remains one of the most influential songs in my life because it lead me to theatre!

Superstar – Jesus Christ Superstar

A true classic. I dare you to listen to this song and not want to sing from the rooftops!

One Day More! – Les Misérables

Immediately following the first time we saw Les Misérables for the first time, my brother and I fell in love with this song. We know every single part and WILL belt it out whenever we can.

Defying Gravity – Wicked

Idina Menzel pierces my emotions with her vocals in this song. She shows just how powerful it is to believe in yourself, no matter the odds.

It Takes Two – Into the Woods

Into the Woods’ complex under-story has a brief moment of light in this song, where the Baker and his wife team up to meet the challenge of having a family.

I Dreamed A Dream – Les Misérables

This. Song. A true masterpiece of misery, perfectly written to bring tears to my eyes.

Welcome To The 60’s – Hairspray

Our world is changing every day – this song perfectly encompasses how enticing and scary this shift can be. With riveting harmonies and 60’s spunk, this song is sure to get anyone tapping their foot to the music.

Tomorrow – Annie

Listening to this sweet little girl sing about the beauty of tomorrow pulls at my heartstrings.

School of Rock (Teacher’s Pet) – School of Rock

I had to add this rock classic to my list. I’ve always wanted to go to school here!

Hello! – The Book of Mormon

Every time I listen to this song, I am in awe of how well it is composed. The doorbells and drums underneath provide an upbeat march through the life of a Mormon missionary. Its cheerful melodies are a perfect opening song for this musical.

Aquarius – Hair

This song is just plain groovy.

Seize The Day – Newsies

If you ever need to feel powerful, this is the song for you.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma

I saw this musical on the plains of Oklahoma on the show’s centennial celebration. Is that too much Oklahoma for one person? Never.

Giants in the Sky – Into the Woods

As Jack’s Mother in this musical back in middle school, this song brings out many memories of me scolding the actor who played Jack and just how fun it is to be up on stage!


What are some of your favorites from this playlist (or the shows featured)?


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