Megan’s Musical Melodies

It’s no surprise that I love musical theatre; I am an intern at Waco Civic Theatre, after all. But what kind of music does a college student listen to?

Take a listen to this playlist of just a few songs (okay, twenty) I might be found listening to on any given day. If you’re curious as to why I chose those songs in particular, you can read about them below!


I Didn’t Plan It – Waitress

Keala Settle kills it. I love how she can really make your heart hurt despite the upbeat tempo… I guess it’s not completely upbeat, but it’s definitely not slow. Anyway. Keala Settle’s great.

Out There – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I love the orchestra, and this version of the song is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Stick It To The Man – School House Rock: The Musical

Again, more kids with more talent than I can ever aspire to having. This is definitely on my “ansty twenties” playlist (I never had an angsty teen phase…).

Screech In – Come From Away

I love shows where actors play multiple characters, especially ones that are very different from each other. It shows their range. And this song makes a good use of the different characters. It’s a fun break from the tension of worrying about what was happening with 9/11.

Disappear – Dear Evan Hansen

The message of this song is wonderful and brings tears to my eyes. This song and You Will Be Found are wonderful reminders that you don’t deserve to be alone, that everyone feels like this, and that it’s okay if you have a bad day or two because you matter just as much as the next person. I just–ugh, words can’t describe how much I think people need this musical in their lives.

Legally Blonde (Remix) – Legally Blonde: The Musical

I think it would be so fun to play Vivian. By the end of the show, she’s really cool. And this is just a great comeback song in general.

Build A Wall – Shrek: The Musical

Brian D’Arcy James was a great pick for Shrek. I really like the emotion that’s conveyed through this song; you really feel for him (even though we know he’s just being stubborn and not hearing them out before jumping to conclusions). Though some days, when I’m feeling especially introvert-y, I really relate to Shrek and the whole wanting to hide away thing.

Who Better Than Me – Tarzan: The Broadway Musical

I’m disappointed that Tarzan wasn’t on Broadway for very long, because I really like the cast album and I think I would have really enjoyed getting to see it on stage. I like how the musical made Terk an older mentor-figure to young Tarzan (although did they have to make Terk a male gorilla instead of a female?). The reprise of this song is fun, too.

The Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton

There’s nothing quite as great as three strong female characters singing a song with female empowerment themes and shutting down the flirts. WERK!

Right Hand Man – Something Rotten!

Another good female empowerment song, but with a more comedic deliverance. It’s fun and upbeat, which is definitely needed after the heartbreak that was Burn.

Goodbye – Catch Me If You Can

Aaron Tveit and that high note. That’s all I need to say. (Also, I really appreciate how tastefully this show breaks the fourth wall.)

I’m Alive – Next to Normal

Again, Aaron Tveit. <3

Do Your Own Thing – Bring It On: The Musical

How did they so effectively embody the high school experience in a song? Anyway, I really like how as they introduce all of the important Jackson High characters in this song, the audience immediately gets a strong sense of their personalities in a brief amount of time.

I Can Do Without You – Calamity Jane

I love Howard Keel’s voice. He’s in quite a few classics that I really enjoy. This song is really fun, too. There’s something about the classic “I hate you” song that people seem to really be into–take Annie Get Your Gun’s “Anything You Can Do” for example. (Side note: I’m only familiar with the 1953 movie, where this version of the song comes from, but I know that it was turned into a stage musical in 1961.)

All I Owe Ioway – State Fair

The is one of the songs I immediately start singing when I think of State Fair. I remember family movie nights when we would watch classic musicals like this, most of which became stage shows after the movie. (This version of the song is from the original 1945 movie.)

Brush Up Your Shakespeare – Kiss Me, Kate

I love this musical because it is perhaps one of the first instances–that I know about–of show-ception (that’s what I call it when there’s a show inside the show and the audience gets to “go behind the scenes”). Also, it’s funny to me that they’re singing about brushing up his Shakespeare because the show inside the show is a musical version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

The Lovely Goatherd – The Sound of Music

This is one of the hidden gems of The Sound of Music, in my opinion. It’s lively and fun, and not as overplayed as many of the songs from the musical.

Make ‘Em Laugh – Singin’ in the Rain

This is one of my favorite songs in the show. It’s funny on its own, but even more hilarious in context and if you’re actually watching it.

Goin’ Co’tin’ – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I grew up with this musical, along with Kiss Me Kate, The Sound of Music, Calamity Jane, and a few others. This will always be a stand-out song for me. It’s sounds beautiful musically, and the brothers in the song are hilarious!

A Brand New Day – The Wiz

The Live! musical is, admittedly, my first interaction with The Wiz, so of course it had to be the version of the song I included. Shanice Williams was amazing in it! And, it just so happens to be a great way to end the playlist!


What are some of your favorites songs on the playlist (or from the shows featured)?


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