Dear Friends,

We are aware that this week many organizations announced closings due to concerns about COVID-19. In all we do, the safety and well-being of our community is our utmost concern.

Waco Civic Theatre is staying current on CDC and Texas Human Health Services information. We are also following other arts and culture organizations as they deal with the situation; we will continue to assess the continuing developments. Here are links to sites we have consulted: and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Currently all performances and rehearsals are taking place as scheduled. We are aware that some schools and theaters are closing and/or moving to online classes, based on what’s happening on their campuses and in their cities. WCT has also considered these options and will implement them if necessary.
Like all public institutions, we are sanitizing with extra care in public areas. We have ample supplies of soap and paper towels. We have sanitizer in our lobby and dressing rooms, although hand-washing is the best-recommended practice.

Our longstanding policy, especially applicable today, is

  •     Staff, volunteers, and students should wash hands frequently.
  •     Anyone who is unwell is instructed to stay home.

Together, we will address the situation and your understanding will help us make it through this extraordinary time.

Updates will be posted for WCT on our Facebook page and at

Thank you for your care and concern,Eric Shephard
Executive Director






Waco Civic Theatre is committed to creating a safe, rewarding environment for all our participants in every aspect of our work.  Part of that commitment is our adoption of the two-adult rule. The two-adult rule states that there must always be two adults present when working with young actors. 

Another part of our commitment is the protection of all concerned parties in scenes of intimacy.  Accordingly, we have adopted the 5 C's, or the Five Pillars of Intimacy, in rehearsal and performance: Context, Communication, Consent, Choreography, and Closure. For more information on the Five Pillars, read here:


For more about our commitment to accountability: