Next Auditions

Here Are Some Dates to Note:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast October 10th

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever October 23

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery October 29-30






  • Anna Caroline Gibson

    Are there limited spaces for auditions? Is it an open audition? If not, how do we sign up?

    • Erin Shephard

      Hi Anna! Call the theatre at (254) 776-1591 for more info or to check out a script. The audition process for each show may differ slightly as each has a different director.

  • Lacy Hodges

    Hi! Julianne Best encouraged me to have my beautiful daughter try out for The Miracle on 34st. I would love to get the script for the 7year old little girl. Can you send via email or should I pick it up? My phone number is 817-228-0862. Thank you,
    Lacy Hodges

    • Shelby English

      I don’t know if you have gotten your hands on a script, but you can stop by the theatre and check one out during office hours.

  • Ema H.

    Would LOVE to audition! Would really enjoy comedy or something like…dancing. Have been contemplating for a few years. I think I’m ready for “the right parts!”

    • Erin Shephard

      Hi Ema! Call the theatre at (254) 776-1591 for more info or to check out a script. The audition process for each show may differ slightly as each has a different director.

  • Bryan Page

    Would like to schedule an audition.

    • Erin Shephard

      Hi Bryan! Call the theatre at (254) 776-1591 for more info or to check out a script. The audition process for each show may differ slightly as each has a different director.

  • hayden

    hey im just wondering when these auditions are/were. have they been updated?

    • Erin Shephard

      The dates are correct. Please call the theatre at (254) 776-1591 during box office hours if you have any questions.

  • Di-Di Lewis

    Do I just go up to the office to get information about auditions?

    • Erin Shephard

      You surely may, or check out our Facebook page for more info as well.

  • Hillary Albrecht

    Forgive me if I sound ignorant…

    This Sister Act play… is it based from the movie or vice versa and is there music?

    • Erin Shephard

      The new Broadway show is based off the movie and is indeed a musical! 🙂

  • Leslie Goodman

    I was wondering if you needed some tween girl actors for the sister act

    • Erin Shephard

      We will need lots of women! Come on out and audition!

      • Isaac Arterburn

        Hi I was interested in auditioning for beauty and the beast, but I’m not sure if the rehearsals will be during the time I will be out of town. Could you tell me when the bulk of rehearsals will take place?

        • Erin Shephard

          Rehearsals should take place on weekday evenings after auditions and all the way through the opening of the show on July 22. There might be additional rehearsal days called if the director deems it necessary. There should be a rehearsal schedule available at auditions.

  • amar

    hi i am indian and i dance and do acting does the auditions are still available

    • Erin Shephard

      They surely are! Call the theatre at (254) 776-1591 to sign up for a spot.

  • Rose

    Newbie question! 😉

    Looking at the Beauty and The Beast practice material, are we really only singing part of a song?

    • Erin Shephard

      Yep! There’s no need to hear a full song at most any audition, and there will be a tight schedule with so many people auditioning for this show.

  • Les

    Hey on the audition thing it says auditions for the best Christmas pageant ever but I can’t find any other info on it?

  • Whitney stanford

    Will there be a role for an 12-14 year old girl

    • Erin Shephard

      There will definitely be roles in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and possibly in Price & Prejudice as well.

  • Elijah

    Is this a paid gig?

    • Erin Shephard

      Musicians and technical crew are paid positions, however as WCT is a community theatre the actors are not paid.

  • Vanessa Geurin

    Hello I just want to sing! I have a voice and I’m not afraid to show it . Iv been trying to keep up with yall but I never see any singing roles or roles for my age.

  • Joseph Rankin

    How do auditions work?? Do I recite a part from the play or is a part selected for each character already?

  • Hannah Noble

    For Hairspray, will the auditions be just the director and the person singing? Or will it be the director and anyone who wants to be in there?

    • Eric Shephard

      Hannah, It will most likely be the director, the music director, the stage manager, and the producer.

  • Carolyn Florczyk

    When will the song cuts for Hairspray be posted?

    • Eric Shephard

      Carolyn, hopefully you found what you were looking for? We posted them last week on our FB event and the blog page on our site!


    I would like my 10 year old daughter to try out. We have never done this before, but she is a great singer. Please help!

    • Eric Shephard

      We don’t have auditions for a kids show until perhaps September, for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. However, if you’d like to get in touch with our Children’s Theatre director, she might be able to point you in the direction of classes, workshops, etc. Her name is Tredessa Thomas: Give her a try!

  • Mason Hicks

    Hi! Who would I have to talk to about possible being in the pit orchestra? I’m a tenor and bass trombonist in the DFW area and I’m looking for places to play. Thank you!

    • Eric Shephard

      Mason, thanks for writing us! Can you send your contact info and other relevant info to exec(at)wacocivictheatre(dot)org?

  • Callie C

    Do you need head shots to audition

    • Erin Shephard

      Nope, no need to bring a headshot. We will have a form for you to fill out and, depending on the show, they make take a quick pic of everyone.

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